Sunday, 31 December 2017

1 Year Bible Studies- Book on Genesis

Scripture- Genesis 1-50
Personal Reflections

In Genesis it was mentioned how the earth was formed and how men came to be on earth. How each generation let to the other and the longevity of men. Adam and his immediate descendants lived 900+  years each however as each generation came after the other their lifespan shorten. With more people in the world there is more discourse and more evil seeped into the world and god had to clean the world with the 40 day flood. 
As more then 20 generations came from Adam there was division and different norms being adopted by the people.  Jealousy and other bad values surfaced and cause more harm the peace for all. 

The book of Genesis ends with the death of Joseph. It documents how his family grew from being sold into slavery and what he has done for his family and the rest of the generations.  
All the suffering that he and his family went through were not in vain. They were rewarded for their loyalty to GOD.


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